Cancer news articles round up: January 2011

Each week we scan the news headlines on Twitter too see how cancer is being discussed in the media and to stay on top of new research developments. Below is an overview of the cancer news articles that caught out eye over the last month. Any big stories we missed? Let us know in comments.

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Cancer News Articles

    * Early breast cancers may need less lymph node surgery. The Journal of the American Medical Association published the results from an NCI study suggesting women with early breast cancer can opt for less surgeries, specifically the removal of lymph nodes. This story was picked up widely across all media, here’s the story as reported by USA Today.

cancer news articles

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    * More candor urged in care of dying cancer patients. The American Society of Clinical Oncology says too often, patients aren’t told about options like comfort care or even that their chemo has become futile until the bitter end. To help families broach the topic, the group developed an easy-to-read booklet about those choices, from standard care to symptom relief, and advice about what to ask to maximize remaining time. Read more at the Washington Examiner.

    * Experts say simple life changes could prevent 35% of cancer. Eat healthier, drink less, exercise more. Estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggest that making simple lifestyle changes could prevent some 40 percent of breast cancers alone in Britain and the United States, as well as tens of thousands of colon, stomach and prostate cancers. Read more at Reuters.

    * Your allergies might protect you against brain cancer. The results of a new study showed that individuals who reported the greatest number of allergies were less likely to develop gliomas, the most common type of brain tumor. Read more at MSNBC Health.

    * Cancer drug Avastin linked to 50% increased risk of death during treatment compared to chemo alone. The review, which will be published in the Feb. 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, pools the results of 16 studies of 5,589 patients who were taking Avastin for solid tumors of the colon, lung, breast, prostate, kidney, or pancreas. Read more at WebMd.

    * Drug shortages forcing some risky alternatives. Unprecedented shortages of injectable drugs have forced doctors to resort to medications that are less safe or postpone or cancel procedures, often at the last minute, according to the Food and Drug Administration and health care groups. Anesthesiology and oncology have been hit particularly hard. Read more at USA Today.

    * Dogs sniff out colon cancer. When smelling breath samples, Labrador retrievers were atleast 95% as accurate as identifying cancer as a colonoscopy and 98% correct for sniffing stool samples, the study found. Read more at USA Today.

    * Starting hormone replacement therapy early raises breast cancer risk. The study of more than 1 million British women showed that those who waited five years or more to take HRT had little or no increased risk of breast cancer. But those who started it as they entered menopause had a 43 percent higher risk. Read more at MSNBC.

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The cancer-related protein Akt

The cancer-related protein Akt
The cancer-related protein Akt may profoundly influence the fate of the tau protein, which forms bundles of tangled nerve cell fibers in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease, reports a new study led by scientists at the University of South Florida and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

The study was published online Feb. 21 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The findings may provide another piece of the puzzle in figuring out how tau proteins can poison nerve cells in the brain.

Akt is known to increase cancer cell survival capability and has become a target in the development of some cancer-inhibitor drugs. The abnormal accumulation of tau protein tangles kills nerve cells and is considered one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease.

"This study describes for the first time a new function for the cancer-related protein Akt - one that may help promote Alzheimer's disease pathology," said lead author Chad Dickey, PhD, assistant professor of molecular pharmacology and physiology at USF. "We observed that increased amounts of Akt may prevent the removal of abnormal proteins, such as tau, causing these proteins to accumulate and disrupt the balance within the cells."

While this Akt-induced imbalance might result in cancer cells continuing to divide uncontrollably, Dr. Dickey suggests it likely has a different effect in Alzheimer's disease. "The nerve cells may try to divide in the brain, but cannot, and therefore die," he said. "Thus regulating levels of Akt, rather than its activity, may be beneficial to sufferers of diseases of aging, such as cancer, Alzheimer's and even diabetes."

Other USF authors of the study include John Koren, a student at USF, Umesh Jinwal, PhD, and David Morgan, PhD, as well as Jin Cheng, PhD and Mei Sun, PhD, both collaborators from Moffitt Cancer Center. The study was supported by the Alzheimer's Association, CurePSP, the American Federation for Aging Research and the National Institutes of Health.

Patients 75 years and older with brain tumors

Patients 75 years and older with brain tumors
A new study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) finds that elderly patients 75 years old and older-- with cancerous brain tumors are not treated as aggressively as patients between 65 and 75 years old. Furthermore, the scientists find that if patients over 75 years old are treated aggressively, such as with surgery and radiation, they have better survival rates. The findings are reported in the recent issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery. 

Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Medicare-linked database, the scientists led by Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, Ph.D., of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals, looked at the records of 1753 patients who were treated for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and of 205 patients treated for anaplastic astrocytoma (AA) between 1991 and 1999. GBMs are the most common cancerous brain tumors in adults. AAs are less common, but are treated similarly to GBMs. Both have a poor prognosis, and as the American population ages, the occurence rate of these brain tumors is on the rise. 

The scientists looked at whether patients received a biopsy only, surgery only, biopsy and radiation, surgery and radiation, or surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. 

The odds of undergoing aggressive therapy surgery followed by radiation with or without chemotherapy, which is the standard of care in the United States in younger individuals decreased significantly in individuals who were 75 years old or older, said Dr. Barnholtz-Sloan. 

These findings suggest that older patients with brain tumors do not receive the more aggressive, effective therapies and hence have worse survival, she said. 

Andrew Sloan, M.D., senior author and a neurological cancer surgeon in the Neurological Institute and Ireland Cancer Center at UHCMC, said, Eventhough there has been a reluctance to aggressively treat elderly patients, this study suggests that neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists may need to re-examine their approach to these patients. 

In an accompanying editorial, E. Antonio Chiocca, M.D., Ph.D., of the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Ohio State University Medical Center, writes, The findingsseem to confirm findings from other retrospective and prospective analyses suggesting that therapy of elderly patients with GBM employing multimodal therapies does lead to superior outcomes without affecting their mental abilities or producing unbearable side effects.

New tool to speed cancer therapy approval available

New tool to speed cancer therapy approval available

New tool to speed cancer therapy approval available
Eventhough cancer remains a leading cause of death in America, it can take up to 12 years to bring a new anti-cancer agent before the FDA and the success rate for approval is only five to 10 percent. That means a number of research hours and dollars are wasted chasing avenues that will not bring fruit.

The National Cancer Institute's Translational Research Working Group (TRWG) developed a set of tools that it believes will improve that process. The tools, known as. 

"Pathways to Clinical Goals" are reported in the September 15 issue of 
Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

"The NCI supports a great deal of excellent translational research, but inefficiencies arising from a lack of communication and coordinated effort prevent a number of promising leads from reaching clinical trials and eventual approval," said Lynn Matrisian, Ph.D, a special assistant in the Office of the Director, NCI. Matrisian co-chaired the TRWG, which was formed in 2005 with the goal of accelerating the pace of translational cancer research. Publication of the Pathways is expected to be a major step forward in this process. 

There are six Pathways that address the following categories: anti-cancer agents (drugs or biologics), biospecimen-based assessment methods, immune response modifiers, image-based assessment modalities, intervention devices, and lifestyle alterations. 

Each pathway is a flowchart with a series of steps intended to clarify and streamline the translational research process. For example, in the anti-cancer agent pathway, scientists are encouraged at the outset to address the following three questions: 

  • Is the empirical basis for attributing clinical potential (alone and/or in combination) convincing?
  • Does the envisioned clinical need justify expenditure of resources?
  • Is it feasible to identify/develop an agent against this target?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then research leaders are encouraged to direct their research toward more effective plans.

Matrisian and her colleagues hope that the TRWG pathways will be widely used and that they will make the early translational research process more efficient. 

"The NCI funds a number of important research projects, and we hope these pathways will help in placing each research opportunity in the broader context of tangible cancer detection, diagnosis, prevention, and therapy strategies. We believe the NCI 's experience will be an important resource for other groups advancing translational research as well," said Matrisian.

Statins do not interfere with rituximab treatment

Statins do not interfere with rituximab treatment


Statins do not interfere with rituximab treatment
Statins, drugs widely prescribed to lower cholesterol, do not interfere with a usually used medicine to treat lymphomas, as per a Mayo Clinic study presented today at the.

50th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (http://www.hematology.org/meetings/2008/) in San Francisco. In fact, statins may slow the progression of certain types of lymphoma.

The study focused on the impact of statin use on outcomes of patients with two most common lymphoma types, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma. Both are cancers of the immune system. Examples of usually used statins in the U.S. include Lipitor, Zocor, Parvachol, Lescol, Mevacor and Crestor.

Rituximab (Rituxan), a monoclonal antibody, is often used alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs to treat lymphomas. When administered to patients with lymphoma, rituximab attaches to CD20, a protein found on lymphoma cells. Addition of rituximab to chemotherapy improves outcomes in a number of lymphoma types.

A laboratory-based study by Winiarska and his colleagues published this year in The Public Library of Science Medicine journal suggested that statins may inhibit rituximab binding to CD20. "That finding raised questions about maintaining or stopping cholesterol therapy with statins for patients with lymphoma," says Grzegorz Nowakowski, M.D. (http://www.mayoclinic.org/bio/13657551.html), Mayo Clinic hematologist and lead researcher on the Mayo study.

"One in five lymphoma patients take cholesterol-lowering statins; this corresponds to the potential for thousands of patients at risk of getting less or ineffective therapy due to statin interference with treatment," says Dr. Nowakowski. "In our prospectively followed cohort of patients, we observed that statins did not interfere with rituximab and in some cases, may offer a benefit".

The Mayo Clinic study included:

  • 228 patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, an aggressive form of the disease. Twenty-two percent of this group was taking statins when they started therapy for lymphoma.
  • 293 patients with follicular lymphoma, an often indolent and slowly progressive form of the disease. Nineteen percent of patients were taking statins.

Statins did not impinge therapy effectiveness for either group of patients. For patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, statin use did not influence outcomes. Those with follicular lymphoma who took statins fared better than patients who didn't. At two years, 80 percent of those taking statins had no progression or re-treatment for their cancer versus 69 percent of those not taking statins. Dr. Nowakowski said these are early results and further validation in additional cohorts of patients is needed. This positive effect was seen regardless of the therapy approach for the lymphoma. Treatments included observation only, rituximab alone or rituximab in combination with chemotherapy medications.

Dr. Nowakowski said that while oncologists at times recommend simplifying a patient's drug regimen before starting chemotherapy, a number of patients simply remain on statins during therapy. "We were concerned that these patients may be at risk of receiving less effective therapy due to statin interaction with rituximab. These results can provide reassurance to oncologists and their patients that statins will not reduce the effectiveness of rituximab and may in fact improve outcomes of some patients with lymphomas," he says.

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New class of cancer drugs in making

New class of cancer drugs in making

New class of cancer drugs in making
A team of Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers has developed a group of chemical compounds that could represent a new class of drugs for treating cancer. 

The compounds are the first selective inhibitors of the protein phospholipase D (PLD), an enzyme that has been implicated in multiple human cancers including breast, renal, gastric and colorectal. 

The new inhibitors, published in the recent issue of Nature Chemical Biology, block the invasive migration of breast cancer cells, supporting their further development as antimetastatic agents. They will also be useful tools for understanding the complex roles of PLD in cellular physiology, said H. Alex Brown, Ph.D., professor of Pharmacology and one of the team leaders. 

"PLD is linked to a number of fundamental cellular processes like secretion, migration, growth and proliferation. But the absence of selective inhibitors has really interfered with the ability of biologists to study this important enzyme," Brown said. 

There are two related "isoforms" of PLD: PLD1 and PLD2. Both PLD enzymes produce phosphatidic acid, a key lipid metabolic and signaling molecule. But whether the two PLDs have different roles is an open question, one that the new isoform-selective inhibitors can now be used to address. 

Brown and his colleagues had discovered that PLD was important to the invasive migration of breast cancer cells in culture using a genetic tool called small interfering RNA (siRNA). 

"When we had evidence from siRNA and other methods that blocking PLD resulted in dramatic effects of blocking metastatic invasion of breast cancer cells, we were highly motivated to attempt to make isoform-selective inhibitors," Brown said. 

Craig Lindsley, Ph.D., a medicinal chemist who joined the Vanderbilt faculty after five years at Merck Research Laboratories, and his group used a previously described PLD inhibitor as a starting point for a chemistry process called diversity-oriented synthesis. The team screened resulting compounds for activity against PLD1 and PLD2 using in vitro and cell-based screening tools developed in Brown's laboratory. 

"Without these high quality screening assays and rapid turnaround, this process wouldn't have worked," said Lindsley, associate professor of Pharmacology and Chemistry. The scientists were able to generate compounds that selectively inhibited PLD1 or PLD2, and other compounds that inhibited both isoforms. 

"With the compounds we've made, we can almost choose the range at which we'd like to inhibit the different isoforms, something that's never before been possible," Lindsley said. 

The scientists demonstrated that the compounds act directly on the PLD enzymes (using purified proteins), and they showed that they blocked the invasive migration behavior of three different breast cancer cell lines. 

"These inhibitors are the key tools we need to really probe the biology, and we're obviously hoping to develop them for therapeutic applications too," Brown added. "Not only is Craig an excellent chemist, but he really knows about making compounds that have the potential to become drugs, and that has had a very positive influence on this collaboration". 

In focusing on PLD, Brown, Lindsley and their colleagues are carrying the torch forward for an enzyme that was famously characterized at Vanderbilt. John Exton, M.D., Ph.D., professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics and Pharmacology, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences for his work on PLDs. 

The scientists will now optimize their new compounds for in vivo studies and to give them characteristics compatible with being good medications. They are also expanding their research into other areas of biology in addition to studying the inhibitors in breast cancer models, they will explore how they work in cell systems that model brain tumors, rheumatoid arthritis and viral infections

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